PCG Flyer Jill Sorensen Geoffrey Short v2

I’m having a small show of “work in progress” at Paper/Cupboard Gallery, which is in Cossett Cafe at 1087 New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland. Starting this Tuesday  28 January and running until Sunday 16 February. No opening event but come along sometime in those three weeks and enjoy Cossett’s excellent coffee and fair-trade, vegan and organic food.

The “Cupboard” work will be an installation by Jill Sorensen, and I will be showing unframed (the paper part of Paper/Cupboard) 16 x 20 inch work-prints from two new series I have been working on: “Small Suns” and “Double Happiness”. The prints will be available for purchase for $200.00 each, for the duration of the show only. The number of prints sold by the end of the show will become the edition number, and no more will be available at this size.  I will sign and number the prints at the end of the show. Any future editions will be a larger size and considerably more expensive, so this is an opportunity to get some new work at a very affordable price, and it may even end up being a unique piece (although I hope not).

Double Happy #2 (detail)

Double Happy #2  from the series “Double Happiness” by Geoffrey H. Short


Solar Wind #1, 2013, from the series "Small Suns".

Solar Wind #1, from the series “Small Suns” by Geoffrey H. Short


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