Thursday 17 June

To Lausanne today, and headed straight for the Musée de l’Elysée, where all 80 exhibitors in reGeneration2 are gradually arriving, being given cash to cover their travel (which means I have a serious wad of Swiss Francs to look after). After finally meeting some of the people we have been corresponding with over the past few months and receiving our “welcome packs”, we start checking out the show which is spread across four floors in the rather labyrinthine 18thCentury mansion overlooking lake Geneva.

The Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland.

I am pleased to note that not only have my pictures been hung prominently in the first room, but one has been used on the back cover of the Thames&Hudson produced catalogue. Also, the press kit/brochure for the show and the 25th anniversary celebrations of which the show is a part, has used my picture on the cover. I had been concerned about the exhibition printing, which was done in Lausanne from digital files supplied. I had sent reference prints but it is always a nervous moment to see the final prints for the first time, knowing that there is no time to change them if they are not good. Fortunately the prints are excellent, although the framing not quite what I had visualised, and one piece is hung strangely high on the wall, but I feel this is not the time to be picky.

The entrance of the reGeneration2 exhibition

After some lunch in the grounds of the museum, we are shuttled to our accommodation, the Ecole de Hoteliere, which turns out to be some distance from town, and therefore the one van takes around 50 minutes to do the trip. Having missed one shuttle, I make use of the waiting around time by starting on my project of getting signatures of all the exhibitors in my copy of the catalogue. This is also a good way of breaking the ice and meeting my fellow exhibitors, and working out who has made which pictures.

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